Generating SVG (or jpg/png) image

Topics: graph, serialization
Dec 28, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Anybody got a decent solution for generating images (preferably an SVG for rich functionality, like hyperlinks) from QuickGraph graphs?

I see that SVG generation is now gone, but it seems it just called a web service at to generate an svg from a dot file (see the changeset for the original implementation), so this is pretty simple to replicate, but I wonder why it's not there anymore.

Dot generation is great, but despite the plenty of QuickGraph.Graphviz.Dot.GraphvizImageType types, only dot files can be generated (which is not surprising, the return value being a string).

Generating an image from a dot file is not simple, though, and I haven't found any tools suitable for me (I write an ASP.NET application, so firing off command-line generators is pretty much not an option).

Maybe somebody succeeded with images? Any help would be greatly appreciated.