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Repro in zip file at (slightly over 4mb with trx test-result file, so could not attach)
Some side notes: under the debugger, various tests frequently through an exception at line 130 in BinaryHeap.cs, so frequently, in fact, that I could not run the tests under the debugger. I do not know if this is expected, but I'm bringing it to your attention as an impeding issue.
Also, in the test results, TarjanOfflineLeastCommonAncestorAlgorithm timed out. I will try to run it on a faster computer to find out if this is a real issue or just the result of slow execution on this machine.
    public KeyValuePair<TPriority, TValue> RemoveAt(int index)
        if (this.count == 0)
            throw new InvalidOperationException("heap is empty");
        if (index < 0 | index >= this.count | index + this.count < this.count)
~~~~~~~~> throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("index");