Glee or GraphViz for Rendering to a Web page?

Topics: glee, graph, serialization
Oct 16, 2007 at 8:02 PM
I need to put graph diagrams up on a web page, and allow users to change parameters like from/to date, then re-render the graph. I'm trying to select the rendering engine. My graphs are state-transition diagrams that show user paths through a web site. My data source are SQL Server 2005 tables that contain data similar to (but much richer than) web server logs.

It appears the GraphViz interface from QuickGraph (out-of-the-box) is limited to writing the DOT file, and then I would have to write the code that invokes GraphViz to read the file and stream the .png image to the web page.

GLEE does not seem to be as sophisticated as GraphViz in terms of the graph types and the multiple ways of rendering the nodes and vertices (again comparing out-of-the-box functionality).

Can anyone comment on which is the better rendering solution, for creating a graph on a web page?

If anyone has an example (c# or VB) that shows how to invoke the GraphViz engine to turn a DOT file generated by QuickGraph into an image that can be streamed to the web page, that would be fantastic!
Oct 17, 2007 at 5:03 AM
  1. Read the licenses and make sure you can use either graphviz or glee
  2. Glee has the same level of features and is actively developed by MSR. NGraphviz is a snapshot of graphiz that is not updated anymore.
  3. Glee is fully managed and can render the graph in memory. NGraphviz is a managed wrapper around a big chunk of C/C++. I would not run it on a web server.

My answer would be to use glee.