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Visualization Using GLEE

QuickGraph supports Glee to render the graphs. The QuickGraph.Glee assembly contains specialize 'populator' that convert a QuickGraph graph into a Glee graph.

IVertexAndEdgeListGraph<string, Edge<string>> g = ...;

var populator = GleeGraphExtensions.Create<string, Edge<string>>(g);
Graph g = populator.GleeGraph; // we have the graph :)

Once you have the Glee graph, you can use the Glee rendering support or built-in visualizer controll to view it.
Customizing the vertices look
Hook to the VertexAdded, EdgeAdded events to get a hold on the GLEE nodes and edges as they are created.

WARNING: You must download and copy the Glee assemblies in order to get this to work!

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